APR 23: Community Kickoff at The Collaboratory

Vision Hillman City

Vision Hillman City held its initial community conversation on April 23, 2015 at the Hillman City Collaboratory. More than 70 adults, and 10+ kids, filled the couches and chairs — business owners, local residents, artists, and organizers — the turnout was amazing and exceeded our expectations. A dinner buffet was provided by neighborhood restaurant, Mawadda Cafe (on S. Graham).

The genuine interest and earnest participation was exactly what we were hoping for. A number of key issues came to light that night. One of the most pronounced and repeated concerns was about Hillman City maintaining its unique character. Will the growing excitement about this neighborhood change the very qualities that drew so many people to it — namely its affordability and diverse community makeup? Many expressed concern about displacement — that is, seeing longtime residents and business owners needing to move elsewhere, as rents and commercial leases increase. Find the full notes from this evening of conversation below. 

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